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Asian gay females are treated appallingly due to their sexuality. Some girls find that due to their sexuality at school, they can face expulsion if they are found out.

Lesbians can suffer by being disowned by the family, outcast by the area they live in, beaten up and even killed.

I would want this individual to be respectful of my girlfriend and I.

I would want an individual who has similar motives for entering into such a contract. This means a marriage that appears to be “working” whenever my parents or family inquire into our lives.”.

more about Anna from Sumy I am a single woman who dreams of quiet family happiness together with my beloved man.

“I am looking for a “spouse”, a gay male, very out and comfortable about his sexuality.

The marriage could be for the person to gain permanent residence in the country where the agreeing party lives or to reduce the risk of being deported back to a home from that country.

In the USA, women enter into marriages of convenience for Desi men to obtain a Green Card.

Gill told a series of drug addict British women that they would be taken to India to work in modelling and beauty work, but once there, were persuaded to take part in weddings, prosecutors said. For the gay aspect of such marriages, the cultural challenge to get people to admit it happens and open their minds to discuss the matter is enormous.

Will such ways of life ever be accepted by South Asian communities? And as for the illegal and contractual marriages taking place for residency, are the authorities getting better to stop the increase of such marriages?

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