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Disciplinary proceedings are normally kept confidential unless the bar authority or court imposes a public punishment.

Funding for the disciplinary authority's operation usually comes from an annual fee assessed on all lawyers who practice in the state.

In 3, the court remanded the case for further proceedings.

For private attorneys, the complainant is normally a dissatisfied client.All complaints undergo a review process that might lead to the filing of formal charges against the lawyer, a trial-like formal hearing and, if warranted, the imposition of a punishment.Final decisions of the disciplinary authority can usually be appealed to the courts.Lastly, he, like all elected public officials, must regularly answer to the will of the electorate. Some acts of prosecutorial misconduct, apart from leading to reversals of convictions, can constitute ethical violations and thus subject the prosecutor to disciplinary action by the state bar authority.Should his conduct create too much appearance of impropriety and public suspicion, he will ultimately answer to the voters. Discipline of any lawyer is a serious matter, because it can lead to the permanent loss of the lawyer's license to practice in the state.

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As with regular criminal defendants, therefore, lawyers entering the disciplinary system are afforded rights to ensure fair treatment.

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