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It took the better part of a year (and two teams of researchers) to sift through the digital trail.We found ordinary people, online activists, bots, foreign agents and domestic political operatives.Several media outlets quickly traced the contours of what became known as Pizzagate: The claim that Hillary Clinton was a pedophile started in a Facebook post, spread to Twitter and then went viral with the help of far-right platforms like Breitbart and Info-Wars.

At various times, he wrote, “Russia is more a paragon of freedom and nationalism than any other country” and “We are the aggressors against Russia.” FBIAnon’s secrets were about the Department of Justice’s inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, which federal prosecutors never formalized. Favorite topics include police body cameras (bad) and George Soros (worse).

Yup, Hillary has a well documented predilection for underage girls. With a 3 prong garden hoe buried in the middle of the back.” We found no record of anyone with the name Carmen Katz in the entire state.

But searching through her online activity, we noticed another clue: Every time she posted petitions on , such as “Put Donald Trump’s Face on Mount Rushmore,” the last signer was invariably Cynthia Campbell of Joplin.

Eagle Wings’ enthusiastic following likely has something to do with membership in “Trumps War Room,” a private group of online activists who share and amplify political messages.

Participants told Politico’s Shawn Musgrave that hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of pro-Trump rooms coalesced during the campaign.

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