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Shaunti Feldhahn's research indicated that men would rather sense the loss of loving feelings from their wives than to be disrespected by them. A man's anger is often a response to feeling disrespected by his wife.

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The title comes from that trope of Twitter users filling their bios with schlock like “Father, Son, Brother, Storyteller,” and it’s a telling hint at the amusing observations within.

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If convicted of his most serious charge, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

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The winter is obviously freezing, but the summer is great. Packed with beautiful girls, the first times in a Moscow club your jaw will be on the floor.

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Of the two muppetised versions, I prefer that of Sesame Street, also made in 1969, with the two female backing singers who communicate bemusement better than many a movie actress, and the singer who looks like heroin addict (video).

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As one guy put it, "Waiting for a man to make the first move is real old-school and outdated." Plus, if you're a take-charge woman in every other facet of your life, why be a wallflower when it comes to men?

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"This is a young lady who has had a spectacular fall from grace - university educated, comes from a respectable family - she has been utterly disgraced by this." "She will of course be branded a paedophile for the rest of her life. "She has not been able to get a decent job that matches her qualifications.